Prince Cornelius

Our little dog, an important part of our family. He is kind, loving and is everything. It is true what they say It’s easy for us to show affection for our dogs. A belly rub, treat, or snuggle session on the couch, and saying “I love you” to our pets. Cornelius is the one true source of unconditional love. He never judges, and loves us in spite of us being humans with many flaws.

Jonathan Braganza
The Truth of it all

For myself the only thing that ever matters is my son. With barely having the opportunity to see him, every second counts.  So when I do get him we always make the best of our time.

“Just trying to make sure that I see you as much as I can. Not seeing you really breaks my spirit. Single father, I hate when I hear it but this is the harsh truth of reality. Fairy tales are saved for bedtime stories, life is not Disney but everyone fakes it. I do not want you worry about whose house you live at, who loves you more, who is not there, or who did what to who before you got here. Now look, I am too proud to let that come between us. Realize I got to think for two now, I have to make it, I better make it, I promise if I am not dead then I am only dedicated. There is no one to guide me I am all alone, no one to cry on to ease the pain. I have changed from boy to a man. God willing, I got a good feeling.”

Jonathan Braganza
Introducing my Little Monster Jack

My main squeeze, my Panda Bear, my heart & soul is my son Jack. He is honestly the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life. When we are together it is nothing but joy & happiness.

He is my little monster, his go to line; 'Don't go. I'll eat you up I love you so.' - Where The Wild Things Are

photos: age 3

Marrakesh, Morocco - The Big 3-0

Being blessed with the opportunity to celebrate my 30th Birthday this year in Marrakesh, Morocco was beyond an amazing experience. What made the experience was not only the beautiful culture and environment but mostly being surrounded by my family. Here is a sneak peak of our adventure.... 

Morocco, Engagement Shoot

While travelling to Morocco, I had the privilege of taking the engagement photos of my sister and her fiancé. We had the most welcoming and amazing stay at the Four Seasons Resort Marrakech. Here are a few of the photos.