The Truth of it all

For myself the only thing that ever matters is my son. With barely having the opportunity to see him, every second counts.  So when I do get him we always make the best of our time.

“Just trying to make sure that I see you as much as I can. Not seeing you really breaks my spirit. Single father, I hate when I hear it but this is the harsh truth of reality. Fairy tales are saved for bedtime stories, life is not Disney but everyone fakes it. I do not want you worry about whose house you live at, who loves you more, who is not there, or who did what to who before you got here. Now look, I am too proud to let that come between us. Realize I got to think for two now, I have to make it, I better make it, I promise if I am not dead then I am only dedicated. There is no one to guide me I am all alone, no one to cry on to ease the pain. I have changed from boy to a man. God willing, I got a good feeling.”

Jonathan Braganza